Micro review: ‘Twisted’ is a gripping tale of love, betrayal and mystery

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Author Helen Hardt returns with the eighth book in her bestselling Steel Brothers series, with a gripping tale of love, betrayal and mystery. Twistedfeatures the much-loved hero Ryan Steel, who has a current obsession named Ruby, and has his world crumpled because of a secret he learns.

Picking the thread from the previous book where Ryan gets a mysterious phone call, this one starts with Ryan fretting over his entire existence. The secret he learns upends his life and now Ryan is faced with another potential revelation about the Steel family. The new conundrum leaves Ryan with little trusting instincts and he refuses to believe his siblings any more. Ryan feels lost, alone, and suspicious of every individual he once held close. Along with this main storyline, a subplot involving Ruby Lee and her maniacal father runs parallel, giving the novel more dimensions. Ruby wants to help Ryan through his tough time, but the demons of her own past still chase her, and she decides to quash both situations – once and for all.

Packed with romance, drama, sex and intense scenes, the book is an all-out entertainer. Any reader who loves this genre will be gripped with a cliff-hanger of a plot. For anyone who wants to try out a new genre, Twisted by Helen Hardt can be a great start.

How critics view the book:

Romance narrator Lucy Rivers writes in a review, “Helen Hardt has written another nail biting, hot book.”

Pretty Little Books writes, “Readers will be on the edge of their seats and flipping the pages erratically in anticipation of what’s to come.”

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