Micro review: Forest Dark explains the human condition in the most unique way

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Nicole Krauss, the brilliant author of The History of Love and Great House is here to mesmerize her readers once again with her new rewarding and ambitious novel, Forest Dark. This is a spooky novel about Israel that will meander deep within your mind, explaining human conditions in the most unique way.

Forest Dark unfolds in alternating narratives with two protagonists embarking on a journey to Israel. While Nicole is a famous divorced writer, Jules Epstein is also a divorcee and a retired attorney. Nicole and Jules check in to the Tel Aviv Hilton, a building that holds significant importance in both of their lives. The central theme of the story, the transformation, and the evolution that the characters undergo, is described beautifully. While Nicole is occupied with philosophizing her encounters, Jules is more a woman of action and displays a physical deliberation.

While the narratives of Jules and Nicole never quite converge, they reflect and illuminate each other in many ways. Each narrative thread of Forest Dark, however interfaced, generates a simple yet evocative outcome. The novel, charged with the author’s imagination, probing intelligence, and elegant prose, creates a modern masterpiece.

How critics view the book:

The Guardian writes, “Nicole Krauss’s new novel is a smart and serious meditation on loss and memory.”

USA Today writes in a review, “ Forest Dark is brilliant, inventive and ambitious.”

J.M Coetzee writes that Forest Dark is “Charming, tender, and wholly original”.

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