International day of Innocent Children Victims of Agression

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Child abuse statistics in its numerous forms is extremely horrifying. It is very sad truth that the innocent is being molested – mentally, emotionally or physically and the number is getting multiplied each and every single day. To spread awareness in the world, the United Nation General Assembly, on August 19, 1982, during an emergency special session on the question of Palestine, scandalized at the number of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese child victims of Israel’s acts of aggression, decided to immortalize every year, 4 June, as the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. The main objective is to spread awareness on the pain and the suffering of children as they are the victims of abuse. The day is set aside to acknowledge the organizations and even private individuals who are involved in safeguarding the rights of those children who are persecuted across the globe. It helps people to get apprehension of the abuse that the children are going through and how it all can be prevented. Violence has taken a catastrophic toll on juvenile across the world, as they are either being killed in ongoing conflicts or suicide attacks or getting frozen to death while fleeing from active war zones.

On this day various organizations and individuals join hands to protect children who are exposed to injustice and poverty through campaigns that spread awareness with the medium of climate change and urbanization. To motivate the children who are suffering in one way or the other, examples of children like Malala Yusuf, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey and various others who have surpass the difficult situations in their life and attained success in their fields are given. Various international organizations like Child Hope and Uganda are committed to the protection of children against abuse, particularly in schools.

In India, several events are organized in child care organizations in the country where debates are held on the protection of child rights. Children are made aware about their rights to lead their lives with respect and dignity, moral values which are the most crucial aspect of development and growth. A range of activities are organized for children including cultural activities like singing and dance, motivational speeches, painting competitions etc.

For ages, violence scares people when faced at early age which eventually lead to the involvement in criminal activities. Youngsters who have experienced abuse are more inclined to get abusive in their relationships. Let’s not forget and snatch away the childhood of these young minds that are the future of our nation and it’s our responsibility to preserve the fundamental rights of the children.

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