6 surprising reasons you’re losing weight but not belly fat!

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Despite eating healthy and doing strength and weight exercises, it is sometimes difficult to lose that darn stubborn belly fat. You may reach the desired result but when it comes to belly fat, you may feel disappointed. Indeed, with loss of weight, belly fat is ought to shrink but there is a possibility to lose weight disproportionately! The reason Read More

Chewing a gum while you walk may help you burn more calories!

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Many of you may already know that chewing a gum may help you reduce that face fat. But did you have any idea that chewing gum can help you lose overall body weight as well? Proper exercise and diet have always been the best way to achieve a healthy weight. But sometimes, a few small Read More

‘I knew I couldn’t take my health for granted’

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Nanditta S Mahdevia, a 30-year-old senior marketing manager at, from Mumbai, says it as it is: “I hate to admit it, but I have been overweight for as long as I can possibly remember. When I look back, I attribute it to a lack of awareness and just constant indulgences on my part.” Turning Read More

Why did you gain all the weight back?

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If you’re one of those people who has lost weight only to gain some or most of it back, you’re a part of a large crowd. Only a small percentage of people who lose weight and gain health successfully, manage to remain that healthier version of themselves. Why does this happen? And how come it Read More

9 bedtime hacks that will help you lose weight

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The world is going crazy about losing weight. Weight loss is a slow process and it may take weeks and even months for you to achieve your goals. It cannot happen overnight but yes, there are surely some tricks which if done every day before going to bed can help one lose weight easily. Below is a list of nine Read More

Your multivitamins have no health benefits, says study!

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We all take multivitamins to provide our body with additional nutrients other than the meager quantity we get from our adulterated foods. But it turns out, contrary to popular belief, common vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit at all. A study conducted by the St. Michael Hospital, the most common vitamin and mineral supplements taken by people Read More

“A day off from exercise is a must”

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He may be known as a romcom hero, but the Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety actor, Kartik Aaryan, is extremely serious when it comes to fitness. “Six-packs are not necessary for an actor,” he cautions. “But since a lot of them have it, I made sure I have it too,” he smiles. MY WORKOUT My trainers focus Read More

Nipah scare: No need to panic; adopt good hygiene practices

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Simple good hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing and cooking food properly before consuming can help you avoid contracting the brain-damaging Nipah virus which has claimed 12 lives in Kerala till now and led to quarantining of at least 40 others, health experts suggest. The Nipah virus is a zoonotic disease that is naturally transmitted from vertebrate animals Read More