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6 surprising reasons you’re losing weight but not belly fat!

1 year ago TNN 0
Despite eating healthy and doing strength and weight exercises, it is sometimes difficult to lose that darn stubborn belly fat. You may reach the desired result but when it comes to belly fat, you may feel disappointed. Indeed, with loss of weight, belly fat is ought to shrink but there is a possibility to lose weight disproportionately! The reason Read More

The return of the bodysuit

1 year ago Shikha Shah | TNN 0
No longer just a supporting inner garment, this chic suit is now a statement piece. Here’s how to style ‘em… Over the past couple of seasons, the bodysuit has become a wardrobe staple courtesy the 80s glam athleisure obsession. From high-end fashion houses to high street, this unique, one-piece garment has found support from Beyonce and Jennifer Read More

Nikita Gill to publish ’empowering’ fairytales

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Famous poet and writer Nikita Gill is writing ‘empowering’ retellings of traditional fairytales. Titled Fierce Fairytales & Other Stories to Stir Your Soul, the book is a collection of stories, poems and illustrations that according to the publisher, “gives ‘Once Upon a Time’ a much-needed modern makeover”. The blurb reads, “Gone are the gender stereotypes of obliging lovers, violent men Read More

You Could Win a Trip to New Zealand’s Gorgeous Donut Island by Eating Some Donuts

1 year ago CAILEY RIZZO | Travel & Leisure 0
In honor of National Donut Day, Papa John’s is giving away a trip to Donut Island, New Zealand. Yes, the pizza chain just managed to one-up all the free donut giveaways happening today. Anyone who buys donut holes at Papa John’s (you read that right: Papa John’s sells donut holes) from June 2–30 will be entered to win a week-long trip Read More

Apparently Your Gin and Tonic Could Help With Hayfever

1 year ago Cailyn Cox | Fitday 0
There are few things better at the end of the day than to put your feet up and relax with a gin and tonic in hand. And it turns out that although alcohol is not known for its health benefits, drinking this mix could actually benefit those suffering from allergies like hayfever, or at the Read More

Chewing a gum while you walk may help you burn more calories!

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Many of you may already know that chewing a gum may help you reduce that face fat. But did you have any idea that chewing gum can help you lose overall body weight as well? Proper exercise and diet have always been the best way to achieve a healthy weight. But sometimes, a few small Read More

I’d love to expand my fashion line to India: Alexa Chung

1 year ago IANS 0
She has not only walked for some of the world’s best in the fashion business like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, but now owns her own label. A fashion designer, TV presenter, model, creative consultant and writer, British multi-faceted talent Alexa Chung says she is as busy and committed to her brand as Isabel Marant Read More

Micro review: ‘My Absolute Darling’ is a darkly intriguing read

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My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent is a magnificent exploration of a young girl’s psyche, her life, and the pains and predicaments she encounters. Turtle, a 14 year old girl, lives with her father in a dilapidated house, her mother having mysteriously disappeared when she was young. Turtle’s father is a brutal man — a paranoid, Read More

How to Go on Summer Vacation Even If You Think You Can’t Afford It

1 year ago CAILEY RIZZO | Travel & Leisure 0
About one-quarter of Americans won’t go on vacation this summer because they can’t afford it, according to a survey from Bankrate. But, for Americans who get paid time off from their work, not taking those days is a waste of time and money. “It’s important for Americans who have vacation time to use it, even if Read More

The 19 Travel Apps You’ll Want to Download for the Summer

1 year ago TALIA AVAKIAN | Travel & Leisure 0
If you’re daydreaming about basking in the summer sun, now’s the time to find a deal on a summer vacation. The right apps can help you find great deals on flights and hotels, and give you ideas for what to do. Here are the travel apps that will make your summer better, whether you’re hitting the trails, Read More