Huddling for survival: monkeys with more social partners can winter better

1 year ago University of Lincoln 0
Behavioural ecologists studied wild Barbary macaques in Morocco and found that monkeys that had more social partners — the monkeys they groomed with — would form larger huddles at night than those animals with fewer social partners, allowing them to save more energy for growth and reproduction. This method of keeping warm, called social thermoregulation, Read More

A Major Physics Experiment Just Detected A Particle That Shouldn’t Exist

1 year ago Rafi Letzter | Live Science 0
Scientists have produced the firmest evidence yet of so-called sterile neutrinos, mysterious particles that pass through matter without interacting with it at all. The first hints these elusive particles turned up decades ago. But after years of dedicated searches, scientists have been unable to find any other evidence for them, with many experiments contradicting those Read More

Stuck In the Fear Response? How To Snap Out Of It! – Dr. Alberto Villoldo

1 year ago Dr. Alberto Villoldo | Awaken 0
Fright, or the startle response, is part of a system that allows us to react instinctively to danger…Fright is different from fear and it serves a purpose to ensure our survival. Our instincts are designed so that in a state of extreme stress, our fight-or-flight response kicks in. Our glands pump adrenaline into our bloodstream, Read More

Thekkae kottaram, a traditional south Kerala homestead

1 year ago Sharat Sunder Rajeev 0
Thekkae kottaram, the ‘Southern Palace’ in the Padmanabhapuram palace complex in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, is a fine specimen of a traditional homestead unique to the southern part of Kerala. The palace is a typical residential complex, which comprises three separate buildings and a neerazhi (pond) contained in a walled enclosure, located on the southern side of Read More

These 5 Social Media Habits Are Linked with Depression

1 year ago Rachael Rettner | Live Science 0
You might be familiar with the experience of scrolling through your Facebook feed, only to feel like everyone else’s lives are better than yours. But such “social comparisons” may be linked with a higher likelihood of having depression. That’s one finding from a new study that identified a total of five social media behaviors linked with Read More

Humans Make Up Only 0.01 Percent Of All Living Things On Earth, While Plants Represent 82 Percent

1 year ago Naia Carlos | Nature world news 0
A new study sheds light on the composition of life on Earth. Humans steal the limelight despite occupying just a tiny fraction of the planet’s overall biomass. The researchers used the carbon content of all living creatures, also known as biomass, to measure how much of Earth’s biomass weight each group actually occupies. The study published in the Read More

Bacteria-coated broccoli sent to space

1 year ago PTI 0
Scientists have sent broccoli seeds coated with a healthy dose of good bacteria to space in a quest to find a viable way for astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) to grow their own vegetables — and possibly one day on the Moon or Mars. Six broccoli seeds were aboard the Orbital ATK Cygnus Read More

Why Are So Many People So Unhappy?

1 year ago Jean Twenge | San Diego State University 0
We’d all like to be a little happier. The problem is that much of what determines happiness is outside of our control. Some of us are genetically predisposed to see the world through rose-colored glasses, while others have a generally negative outlook. Bad things happen, to us and in the world. People can be unkind, and Read More

Home to a shared heritage

1 year ago Lakshmi Venkatraman 0
For a small town with a population of 23,191, Tharangambadi or Tranquebar as it was known during the colonial days has four museums, of which the Ziegenbalg House was restored to its original glory in 2017 and the Museum on Intercultural Dialogue was inaugurated on July 15. On International Museum Day, observed by Dakshinachitra, Jasmin Read More